Code Quantity
AP-0004-BK 12 per case
50 lb
8 per case
50 lb
AP-0012-BK 4 per case
50 lb

APOC® Black Tape Heavy Duty All Purpose Tape & Sealant

Technical Data

APOC® Black Tape
Heavy Duty All Purpose Tape & Sealant

  • Incredible Adhesion
  • Incredible Durability
  • Incredible UV Stability
  • Incredible Waterproofing

APOC® Incredible™ Repair Tape and Sealant is a versatile and easy to use repair material, reinforcement and construction tape and sealant. Through the use of NanoShield surface protection and NanoSealant® SPP (self penetrating and priming) adhesive technology, this tape provides a multifunctional, all in one, easy to use product for residential, commercial and industrial applications. APOC® Incredible™ is ideal for use on roofs, gutters, skylights, windows, doors, flashings, walls, foundations, and many other surfaces. APOC® incredible™ will immediately seal materials stopping infiltration of leaks from air, moisture and water. APOC® Incredible™ adheres to almost anything including metal, wood, fiberglass, plastic, structural concrete, concrete block, brick, smooth BUR, smooth SBS, smooth APP, EPDM, TPO, Hypalon and PVC surfaces. APOC® Incredible™ Repair Tape is easy to apply, forms an incredibly tough and durable repair and will provide a lifetime of dependability.

NanoSealant® SPP Adhesive Technology provides the ultimate bonding strength available today. The incredible strength is generated through its adhesion at the molecular level. Additionally, NanoSealant® contains self penetrating and self priming characteristics which allow it to bond to almost any surface. NanoSealant Adhesive Technology is truly incredible.

Nano-Shield™ Surface Protection uses aero space technology to provide the ultimate protection against the elements. NanoShield® technology blocks UV degradation, increases waterproofing characteristics and stands up to ice and snow. For optimum performance, make sure your tape uses Nano-Shield™ Surface protection.

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