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APOC® 581 Armor Flash Silicone Roof Patch

Prior to coating, all roofing details must be properly treated in order to ensure a complete seal for the final system. Watch how silicone patch is used for detail work.

APOC® 483 Polyester Reinforcing Fabric

The longest lasting roofs are those that are properly reinforced. Learn more about our polyester reinforcing fabric offerings.

APOC® 583 Armor Base Silicone Roof Primer & Sealer

From promoting adhesion to reducing bleedthrough, watch this product spotlight to understand the benefits of using a primer with silicone roof coatings.

APOC® 585 Armor Flex Silicone Roof Coating

See why professional contractors have been turning to silicone roof coatings due to the many advantages they have over other coatings.

Before & After: White Elastomeric System for The Home Depot

When The Home Depot needed to restore the roof on one of their Northern California locations, they selected APOC's line of elastomeric products for the long lasting white reflectivity. 

Before & After: Silicone System with Sadler Roofing

When Sadler Roofing needed to tackle a major commercial  project, they selected APOC's line of silicone products to take advantage of APOC's proprietary Eterna Dri System. 

Before & After: White Reflective Elastomeric System

When Rainbow Roofing needed to replace the roofs for an apartment complex, they selected APOC's acrylic white reflective roof system.

Before & After: Silicone System with Gudgel Yancey Roofing

When Gudgel Yancey Roofing needed to tackle a major commercial  project, they selected APOC's line of silicone products to take advantage of our proprietary Eterna-Dri Technology.

APOC® - Your Roof Restoration Experts

Learn how APOC®'s proven roof restoration process saves time and money by extending the life of the roof.

APOC® - Shades of Green

APOC® was featured on Shades of Green to show how its "cool roofing" products reduce energy waste. 

NY Mets Coating with APOC®

Watch volunteers from The NY Mets reduce temperatures and costs for a local YMCA using APOC® products.

Cooling the Roof with APOC®

Former Vice President, Al Gore, teams up with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and APOC® to launch a "cool roof" initiative in New York. 

Roofcare Metal Roof Renovation with APOC®

Watch how Roofcare contractors renovated a four section metal roof with multiple leaks using an APOC® acrylic elastomeric system. 

Roof Drain Installation with APOC®

How to add a drain to tackle ponding water problems, using APOC® Liquid Flash and APOC® Incredible Tape.

APOC® 5800 100% Silicone Sealant & Adhesive

Available in three colors, APOC®'s Silicone caulks can be used to seal to a variety of surfaces. Find out how to take advantage of the most versatile sealant and adhesive on the market. 

APOC® Disposable Tote Valve Attachment

Learn how to use the tote valve attachment to safely access 
APOC® products that are shipped in bulk.