Code Volume
AP-1281 1 Gal
AP-1283 3 Gal
AP-1285 5 Gal

APOC® 128 All-Pro SBS Modified Flashing Cement

Technical Data

APOC® 128
All-Pro SBS Modified Flashing Cement

  • Thick Trowel Grade
  • Heat Resistant Formula
  • Best on Vertical Surfaces
  • All Purpose Repair Compound

APOC® 128 All-Pro SBS Rubberized Flashing Cement is a professional grade roof cement that provides superior adhesion to vertical surfaces. It will not run or sag. APOC® 128 is manufactured with select asphalt, solvent and extra long fibers to provide a durable patching compound. APOC® 128 is excellent for setting and repairing flashing, gutters, sills, lintels, copings, chimneys, skylights, seams, expansion joints and all types of roofing and siding repairs. APOC® 128 is also an excellent utility mastic for use below grade in heavy duty foundation water-proofing and damp-proofing.

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