Code Size
AP-3651 1 Gal
AP-3653 3 Gal
AP-3659 10 oz Tube

APOC® 365
Rubberized Flashing Cement

Technical Data

Technical Data

APOC 365 
Rubberized Flashing Cement

  • Leak Repair - Bonds Underwater
  • Non-Sag - Great for Vertical Applications
  • All Weather/Season - Spreads Easily
  • Flexible - Resists Cracking

APOC 365 Rubberized Flashing Cement is an extremely flexible, highly durable, long-lasting leak-repair designed to be applied in all-weather/seasons and in wet or dry applications. It can be used for patching splits, cracks and seams in spudded gravel, mineral surfaced cap sheet and smooth surface asphalt roofs, as well as composition shingle roofs as well as vertical applications. APOC 365 seals around chimneys, vent pipes, gravel guards, down spouts, cracks in concrete and more. For use on flashing, curbs, vent stacks, seams, drains, and more. APOC 365 exceeds performance requirements of ASTM D3409 and ASTM D4586, TYPE I and is Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved.