Code Quantity
AP-4703 16 pieces
23.5 lb
AP-4704 12 pieces 23.5 lb
AP-4706 8 pieces 24 lb
AP-4709 4 pieces 18 lb
AP-4712 4 pieces 24lb

APOC® 470
Asphalt Saturated Reinforcing Fabric

Technical Data

Technical Data

APOC 470
Asphalt Saturated Reinforcing Fabric

  • Extends Repair Life
  • Open Mesh for Superior Bond
  • For Use with Asphalt-Based Products
  • Multiple Sizes Available

APOC 470 Asphalt Saturated Reinforcing Fabric is a high strength, asphalt-saturated cotton reinforcing membrane. This product is lightweight and durable to greatly extend the life of roof mastics and repairs and is preferred by many contractors. APOC 470 can be used in hot or cold, and emulsion or solvent based, systems. This product is ideal for use in cold applied cements, coatings and adhesives and can be used in new construction, re-roofing, roof maintenance and waterproofing applications. APOC 470 is easy to handle in all temperature conditions, is time proven and is easily moldable to meet a variety of roof and waterproofing conditions.