Code Volume
AP-5011 1 Gal
AP-5013 3 Gal
AP-5019 10 oz Tube

APOC® 501
Neoprene Flashing Sealant

Technical Data

Technical Data

APOC 501 
Neoprene Flashing Sealant

  • Gets Tougher as it Ages
  • Highly Flexible & Versatile
  • Wet or Dry Application
  • Coatable

APOC 501 Neoprene Flashing Sealant is a highly flexible, paintable, long-lasting, permanent repair product that has superior wet surface adhesion and gets stronger with age. APOC 501 will not sag and is extremely versatile on various substrates EPDM (rubber), TPO, PVC, shingles, asphalt & more. APOC 501 exceeds performance requirements of ASTM D4586, ASTM D3409, and ASTM D6511. Not for use as an adhesive.

For use on: chimneys, vent prices, flashing, parapet walls, EPDM roofs, and more!