Code Volume
5 Gal

APOC® 291 RUST PREP Rust Inhibiting Primer

Technical Data

Technical Data

Rust Inhibiting Primer

  • Improves Adhesion
  • Prepares Surface for Reflective Coatings
  • Stops Rust Formation
  • Improves Long Term Performance

APOC 291 RUST PREP Rust Inhibiting Primer is a high performance, acrylic primer designed to stop corrosion damage of ferrous metals. APOC Rust Inhibiting Primer stops rust, adheres to difficult substrates and gives a corrosion resistant seal to protect against future damage. APOC 291 dries to a red finish and is an ideal base coat for any APOC paint or coating. APOC 291 is great for use over metal roofing, window frames, sidewalls, rail cars, pipes and equipment, tanks exteriors and structural steel. Existing rust is permanently sealed to prevent moisture infiltration and weathering from sun, water, salt and additional oxidation. Apply topcoat directly to primed surface.

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