Code Volume
AP-3015 4.75 Gal

APOC® 301
Asphalt Roof & Foundation Coating

Technical Data

Technical Data

APOC 301 
Asphalt Roof & Foundation Coating

  • Renews Worn Roof Surfaces
  • Dampproofs Exterior Foundation Walls
  • Seals & Protects Underground Wood Footings and Metal Surfaces
  • Water-Based & Low Odor

APOC 301 Asphalt Roof & Foundation Coating is water-based, liquid-applied and designed to restore worn asphalt roof surfaces (built-up roofs, modified bitumen, existing asphalt coatings) and dampproof exterior foundation walls. Product can be coated with a reflective coating 7 days after initial application. Can also be used to seal and protect underground wood footings and metal surfaces. For maximum performance APOC 301 requires a top coating of either gravel, granules or compatible APOC reflective roof coating.