Gravel Roof Systems

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Detailed specifications for gravel roof systems.

Gravel Roof System Specs

APOC provides proven, industry leading roofing solutions and addresses all different roof types, including gravel roofs. As the gravel roofing system experts, we provide a wide variety of information to support our commercial customers and specifiers, such as the information below. This information is for general guidance only; for specific system recommendations for your job, contact your APOC distributor or APOC sales representative by clicking here

For a complete list of specifications contact APOC Technical Support.

Specification Description Spec Sheet Guide Spec Details
Armorflex topped with Aluminum (SB)
Armorflex topped with Ceramic Granules
Armorflex topped with Gravel
Emulsion / Monoform / 1 Polyester / White Elastomeric
Emulsion / Monoform / 1 Polyester / Emulsion / Aluminum
Emulsion / Monoform / 2 Polyester / White Elastomeric
Emulsion / Monoform / 2 Polyester / Emulsion / Aluminum

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