Code Volume
AP-2525 5 Gal
AP-2527 55 Gal Drum
AP-252-275 275 Gal Tote

APOC® 252 Energy-Armor Sunwhite® Premium Acrylic Elastomeric Roofing Coating

Technical Data

Technical Data

APOC 252
Energy-Armor SUNWHITE Premium Acrylic Elastomeric Roofing Coating

  • Stays Cleaner Longer, Higher Reflectivity
  • Drastically Reduces Roof Temperatures
  • Helps Lower Cooling & Energy Costs
  • Never-Crack® Titanium Fortified Finish

 APOC 252 Energy-Armor SUNWHITE Premium Acrylic Elastomeric Roofing Coating is a highly flexible and reflective architectural coating designed to improve energy efficiency and extend the life of roofs, walls and building assets. This product is manufactured using a 100% acrylic base resin that is modified with polyurethane properties to provide an exceptional product with x-treme performance. APOC Sunwhite 252 resists cracking and peeling while reflecting heat and UV rays away from surfaces to extend roof life. By reducing heat build-up and heat transfer, temperatures and thermal shock are greatly reduced. This helps in reducing energy consumption and lower cooling costs. The elastomeric properties of APOC 252 also allow for expansion and contraction with roof movements, extending roof life and reducing maintenance costs. Additionally, APOC 252 Sunwhite has added water resistance when used in waterways and other areas that may experience additional moisture presence.