Code Volume
AP-1331 1 Gal
AP-1333 3 Gal
AP-1335 5 Gal

APOC® 133 Pro-Lastic® SBS Modified Flashing Cement

Technical Data

Technical Data

APOC® 133
Pro-Lastic® Flashing Cement

  • Thick Trowel Grade
  • Heat Resistant Formula
  • Best on Vertical Surfaces
  • All Purpose Repair Compound

APOC® 133 Pro-Lastic® SBS Modified Flashing Cement is a professional grade, polymer modified flashing cement specially formulated for use with modified bitumen membranes, base sheets and ply sheets. APOC® 133 is manufactured using select asphalt, rubber, solvent and fibers. It provides excellent elongation and recovery properties plus enhanced adhesive properties and durability. It is ideal for seams, flashings and repairs on SBS modified membranes. APOC® 133 is also excellent for repairs on conventional built up roofing membranes where movement is expected to occur. APOC® 133 eliminates burn hazards associated with hot kettles and propane torches, and is ideal where their use is prohibited. NOTE: This product is formulated for repairs and seams on SBS Asphalt Modified Roll Roofing Sheets. DO NOT use on APP, TPO, EDPM, PVC or other single ply membranes.

*Regionally & Seasonally Available in Winter and Intermediate Grade Formulations.

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