Code Volume
AP-1221 1 Gal
AP-1223 3 Gal
AP-1225 5 Gal

APOC® 122 Premium Flashing Cement

Technical Data

APOC® 122
Premium Flashing Cement

  • Heavy Duty Mastic
  • Year Round Use
  • Great for Vertical Surfaces
  • Easy Spread Formula

APOC® 122 Premium Flashing Cement is a professional grade Flashing Cement that provides superior adhesion to vertical surfaces and even bonds to wet or underwater surfaces. It will not run or sag and is formulated for year round use in adverse weather conditions. APOC® 122 is manufactured with select asphalt, solvent and extra long fibers to provide a durable patching compound. APOC® 122 is excellent for setting and repairing flashing, gutters, sills, lintels, copings, chimneys, skylights, seams expansion joints and all types or roofing and siding repairs. APOC® 122 is also an excellent utility mastic for use below grade in heavy duty foundation waterproofing and damp-proofing systems.

*Regionally & Seasonally Available in Winter and Intermediate Grade Formulations.

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