APOC® 5040 Dek-Top® Walkway Pads

Technical Data

Technical Data

APOC 5040
Dek-Top Walkway Pads

  • Provides protective walkway for roof systems
  • Prevents leaks and penetrations in membrane
  • Ideal for use around HVAC units, roof access areas and other rooftop equipment

APOC 5040 Dek-Top Walkway Pads have a long-life, are trouble free and non-skid. Dek-Top pads are made of asphalt, reinforcing fibers and mineral fillers. The pads are compressed and molded under heat between inorganic fiberglass mats, top and bottom. Ceramic granule surfacing adds attractive color options and skid-resistance. Use of Dek-Top applied on BUR and modified bitumen membranes, provides a safe and attractive walkway for access to roof-top equipment, signs, etc., by maintenance personnel, roofing crews and other trades that require access to the roof. Dek-Top has also been used for roof-top running tracks, solar panel platforms, satellite platforms, and under sleepers for wood decks and small HVAC units.