Code Volume
AP-3307 55 Gal Drum

APOC® 330 Green Road® AC Filler Coat Binder

Technical Data

Technical Data

APOC 330
AC Filler Coat Binder

  • Heavy-bodied sealer
  • Ideal for tennis courts, parking lots, playgrounds, and other paved surfaces

APOC 330 AC Filler Coat Binder is a heavy bodied, fibrated asphalt emulsion modified with selected fillers and resins. When fine sand is added to AC Filler Coat Binder at the job site, it becomes an AC Filler Coat mix to assist in leveling and filling asphalt pavement surfaces. The AC filler coat mix may be adjusted to various consistencies to suit the job requirements as dictated by the base pavement condition. AC filler coat mix can be used for new or existing asphalt tennis courts, playgrounds, driveways, and parking areas.