Code Volume
AP-2601 1 Gal
AP-2603 3.5 Gal

APOC® 260 Amaz'n Stuff® Elastomeric Roof Patch

Technical Data

APOC® 260
Amaz'n Stuff® Elastomeric Roof Patch 

  • STrengthens and improves performance of acylic elastomeric coatings and maintenance systems
  • Rubberized for better adhesion and flexibility

APOC® 260 Amaz'n Stuff® Elastomeric Roof Patch is an extra tough, highly flexible repair compound designed to permanently patch splits, cracks and holes in a variety of roof surfaces. APOC® 260 Amaz'n Stuff® is a revolutionary product incorporating the performance of rubber into water based technology. APOC® 260 Amaz'n Stuff® is an extraordinary product that succeeds where other products fail. Amaz'n Stuff® offers superior adhesion, elasticity, tensile strength and UV resistance. This product expands and contracts like a rubber band and provides dependable performance that professionals rely on. Amaz'n Stuff® is designed to repair cracks and holes up to 1" in width. APOC® 260 Amaz'n Stuff® should be used with polyester reinforcing fabric for long term life. APOC® 260 Amaz'n Stuff® is ideal for use with all APOC® emulsion based products.

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