FAQ: Consultants & Architects

Are APOC systems competitive with reroof systems? 
In most cases a restoration system will be more cost effective than a reroof using new layers of insulation and will be easier to maintain.

Are Restoration systems sustainable?
Restoration systems offer long term sustainable maintenance programs to be implemented which means less material is hauled off of land fills from roof tear offs.

Can I get a warranty for my restoration project?
APOC has a wide variety of warranties available depending on the condition of the existing roof and the system to be applied. Contact your local APOC representative for more warranty information.

Can I specify a COOL ROOF restoration?
Yes. APOC has a wide range of Energy Star labeled White and Aluminum reflective coatings.

Do restoration systems need maintenance?
Roofs in general need yearly maintenance inspections as a minimum to ensure free flowing drains, securely attached metal and damaged areas get quickly repaired.

Does APOC have an approved contractor program?
Yes. APOC works closely with some of the oldest and best trained commercial roofing contractors in every region of the United States.

Does APOC have CAD details available?
Yes. CAD details are available for BUR, Modified Bitumen, Metal and Coal Tar restorations and they can be modified.

Does APOC have guide specifications available for roof restorations?
Yes. Contact your APOC Regional Manager to help get your project specified properly.

The information on this site is provided as a free service. It is based on common conditions and may not apply to your specific situation. Please contact a Gardner representative with specific questions or comments.