Commercial Roof Repair and Maintenance

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Everything you need to fix and maintain that leaky roof.

Roofing Repair Made Easy

Along with daily exposure to the elements, any number of other factors can cause additional damage to roofing materials. HVAC repairs, sign installation, snow removal and even window washing activity are some of the many other factors can have a negative impact on the roof. A thorough inspection by a seasoned APOC representative identifies any areas in need of repair and reinforcement.

Materials selection is the next critical step in roof repair. In developing a repair plan, your APOC representative will ensure that roofing repair materials are compatible with your existing roof. We’ll also make recommendations based on other considerations like budget, climate and longer term plans for your building. Equally as important, APOC has developed a vast approved applicator network. We’re sure to have partnerships in your area to ensure proper repairs that last.

Maintaining a Commercial Roof

Roof maintenance is no less important than car maintenance, but because the roof is out of sight, it is typically also out of mind. Drains, scuppers and downspouts can become plugged, causing ponding water and in extreme cases, roof collapse. Metal coping and loose counter flashing can become dangerous projectiles during a storm. Fortunately, most roofing problems can be avoided with regular maintenance by licensed professionals. Proper roof maintenance can help preserve warranties, uncover issues and ultimately protect your building and its contents.

Twice yearly inspections are the industry standard and are the perfect first step in proper roof maintenance. APOC offers free roof inspections and manufactures a full line of roof maintenance products from cements to sealants.