Roof Inspection Service

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Take the guesswork out of important roofing decisions.

Bring in an Expert Opinion

What is the condition and type of the roof deck? Has moisture infiltrated the deck? Is there damage from foot traffic or HVAC maintenance activity? What about hail, wind or other weather-related damage? These are basic questions which should be answered before deciding on the best plan for your existing commercial roof. APOC representatives are trained in roof inspection and boast an average of 23.3 years of roofing experience. Armed with a roof inspection checklist and key tools for this important fact finding mission, APOC representatives gather critical information about roof performance, moisture penetration, leak history and more. And we do it safely. APOC is committed to following safe roofing practices, ensuring the safety of our team members and keeping insurance companies happy.

Can your roof be repaired and/or restored? Why not be sure? Schedule a free roof inspection with your APOC representative.