Commercial Re-Roofing

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When restoration is not an option, replace your roof.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Commercial roofs are designed and built to last, but nothing lasts forever and nothing is indestructible. Severe weather may damage a roof beyond repair. Lack of maintenance can lead to irreparable issues. Existing roofing materials may simply have aged beyond redemption.

While we encourage restoration as a smart alternative to a re-roof, sometimes a re-roof is necessary. For those unfortunate occasions, APOC offers a variety of foundational products that are great for new construction.

But before you undertake the hassle and cost of a complete re-roof, we encourage you to get an expert opinion. Don’t you want to be certain? Contact APOC for a free roof inspection to better understand the state of your roof. From there, we can walk you through your roof challenges and options. Whether to repair, restore or replace, the APOC portfolio of products and systems can ensure maximum performance and protection.

Schedule a free roof inspection with your APOC representative. Contact us for more information.