Project Profile: Office Building

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Silicone roof holds up in Florida climate.

Profile: Office Building

 Project Name

Office Building
Welcome Center Shea Builders
Ocala, Florida

Existing Roof System Fiberite Single Ply
Products Used

APOC 985 Silicone Roof Coating
APOC affiliated accessories


When the original single ply on the Welcome Center for Shea Builders started to leak after 10 years, the age old question about whether to reroof or replace loomed large. The assembly of modular buildings in Ocala, FL, was built at the peak of the housing boom and witnessed the collapse in real estate prices. As the recent economic recovery boosted housing starts, it was time to deal with the roof’s numerous vents and drains, plus multiple “bird baths,” according to John Walker, APOC SE District Sales Manager. “The TPO was leaking around the perimeters and had lost a lot of it’s productivity,” said Walker, who knew that if roof issues weren’t addressed, the whole building might come down. “They needed a strong, smooth surface that would provide longevity without losing membrane thickness.”
















“Once you go with silicone, water runs off it really well.
I have done decks all around the state and it holds up great.”

ROOF X TENDER 985 silicone roof coating was roller applied on the roughly 10,000 square foot facility. After testing the adhesion with the existing membrane, it was con rmed that no primer was needed for the substrate, just a simple cleaning. All the vents and drains received a polyester scrim and Liquid Flash, then the liquid membrane was applied at 2.5 gallons per 100 square feet.

“The reason I went with a silicone product is because it’s basically inert to water,” said Mike Waggoner, project manager with Collis Roofing. “It won’t break down with ponding, which was a concern on this project.”

Waggoner says that a four man crew can prep and install about 20 squares a day. His crew is trained to concentrate on rolled applications because it’s a lot more controlled than sprayers, especially when the wind kicks up. Waggoner has paid for his fair share of car washes to customers complaining about overspray.

"I know that if I roll it in right at the beginning, I don't have to spray."

Set up was quick and the membrane cured overnight, allowing crews to walk on the roof and phase in the next day’s application. The project received a 10-year material and labor warranty and will be inspected at 18 months before the responsibility transfers from the roofing contractor to the manufacturer.

Even with numerous drains, there was standing water in several areas during the wet summer months. The economics of the project drove the building owner towards a quality silicone coating that would survive the demanding conditions.

Materials for the APOC System included:

Ultimately, the building benefits with a long lasting, monolithic, impermeable membrane that defends against ponding water, UV rays and extreme temperatures. Application is faster and less disruptive than a roof replacement, better for the contractor and building occupants. And everyone benefits with a sustainable system that is solvent-free and delivers high solar reflectivity and thermal emittance. 


• 87% reflectivity rate
• Silicone barrier impervious to moisture
• 10-year Full Warranty, long service life
• Smooth surface maintains appearance, resists algae, easy cleaning

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