About Gardner-Gibson

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Protection from the elements

Gardner-Gibson, Inc is the nation's leading manufacturer of high performance coatings, mastics, sealants and restoration systems. The Gardner-Gibson family of companies dates back to 1913 as the first manufacturer of roof repair products in the United States. Since its beginnings, the Gardner-Gibson companies have focused on a variety of building products for the construction industry. Our products include roofing and waterproofing materials, paints and coatings, caulks and sealants, industrial adhesives and bonding agents, fireproofing materials, pavement maintenance products and a variety of specialty coatings and sealants for the building envelope.

Our Company

Gardner-Gibson® is a full line manufacturer of roof, driveway and waterproofing coatings, caulks, spackles and wallpaper adhesives. Our 12 manufacturing and distribution facilities are strategically located throughout North America to maximize service to our customers. Close proximity to major shipping ports also delivers strategic advantages for our international clients. With our robust network, customers can be assured we will deliver the goods on time, every time!

Our Customers

Our customers are truly the key to our success. We have built relationships with contractors, architects and DIYers who depend on our products every day. Our products are stocked by the leading distributors, retailers and specialty supply houses in each of our core categories. We also supply components in other product manufacturing.

Our Commitment to Innovation

We take great pride in innovation. Along with investments in advanced manufacturing equipment, Gardner-Gibson also invests heavily in research and development. Today, we’ve developed more patents than any competitor in the industry. Often new products and technologies that we bring to market become the industry standard. In the spirit of innovation, we continue to advance water based technology, reducing and in some cases eliminating solvents and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). By reducing solvent usage, air pollution is reduced and customers work with safer products. We continue to be focused on minimizing our impact to the environment, while developing new products to serve our customers’ needs. 

Our History

From one small plant in Tampa, FL, we’ve expanded across the country to become a premier supplier of packaged coatings, caulks and adhesives. For the last four decades, our business has been proudly owned and operated by the Hyer Family. We remain very active in the community and proudly support both local and national charities.