Code Volume
AP-2325 5 Gal
AP-2327 55 Gal Drum
AP-232-275 275 Gal Tote

APOC® 232 Energy-Armor Insta-Kote® Premium Poly-Cryl Gray Base Coat

Technical Data

Technical Data

APOC 232
Energy-Armor Insta-Kote Premium Poly-Cryl Gray Base Coat

  • Ideal for new construction
  • Blocks asphalt bleed-through
  • Remarkable adhesion to MB surfaces
  • CRRC-listed product
  • Exceeds Energy Star performance levels
  • Helps reduce interior temperatures
  • Reduces ponding water failures

APOC 232 Energy-Armor Insta-Kote Premium Poly-Cryl Gray Base Coat is a premium, patent pending elastomeric roof base coating designed for use over a number of roof systems. APOC 232 is manufactured using patent pending "Bleed-Blok" and "Film-Gard" surfactants. These surfactants are critical in the formation of high strength molecular bonds and create a continuous polymer matrix that resists asphalt particles from migrating through the coating and bleeding through the surface. In addition, these surfactants assist in creating a tighter molecular structure and stronger surface film improving water resistance and life expectancy of roof coating.