Code Volume
AP-5051 1 Gal
AP-5053 3 Gal

APOC® 505 Eterna-Patch White Thermoplastic Flashing Sealant

Technical Data

Technical Data

APOC 505

  • Thick, durable rubber repair
  • Expands & contracts with roof movement
  • Ideal repair for metal, concrete, single-ply, and other roofs with significant movement

APOC 505 ETERNA-PATCH 100% Rubber Polymer White Thermoplastic Flashing Sealant is a white all-weather,  liquid  rubber  patching  compound.  APOC 505  is  manufactured  using  a  select  blend  of  high  performance  rubber  and  solvent  resulting  in  unmatched  adhesion in wet and dry conditions as well as well as superior durability  and  long term life. APOC 505 forms a permanent rubber repair that expands and contracts with roof movement while remaining flexible and watertight. This product is excellent for application to metal roofs, concrete and most single ply membranes. APOC 505 is ideal for metal seams, fasteners and areas with movement. Not recommended for PVC or new TPO membranes less than 5 years old.